Terra Firma

round orange and blue painting

‘Terra Firma’
is an orange and blue, geode-inspired painting made up of circles

140cm x 140cm (55″ x 55″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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circles painting behind sofa
Terra Firma by Swarez Art
geode rings of paint

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Rocks and geodes

This orange and blue abstract painting is all about rocks and geodes. As much as I am fascinated by the sky and heavens above, I also have equal curiosity and wonder for what lies beneath.

To that end I switch from gazing at the stars for a while and think about the stuff my feet touches. The ground and earth we stand upon provides an endless supply of ideas and images in my mind.

I like rocks a lot. I am nowhere near as versed in the subject as my colleague Adrian, but I like everything about the building blocks of our planet and how the big and heavy stuff was formed billions of years ago.

Creation and things

This painting isn’t created in the way that natural geodes are (I don’t have a volcano lying around) so I have opted for a far less risky approach to creating by using a rotating platform at a relatively slow turning speed.

In fact, you can see how it was created by watching the live stream broadcast where it features as the main event. I broadcast every Wednesday live and you can see the rest of the incredible things we get up to here on my Swarez YouTube channel.

Anyway, I used a series of concentric circles that began with the main centre shapes. I was careful to thin the paint slightly so I could allow a little movement in its flow after it was put down onto canvas. This was essential to allow the circles to move and wave a little – like how real geodes look.

orange and blue art

The result

Well if the shapes don’t get you first then the colours surely will. I have been very careful with the mixtures of light and dark here so that I can balance everything out properly. This is an essential part of things for me when I am using bright and rich colours – if I don’t put break points in it can all get very heavy very quickly.

This orange and blue painting will suit almost any wall. You can turn it through a full 360° so getting the benefit of all orientations and you can happily hang it on a light or dark grey feature wall as well as the obvious white one (see example above).

It’s light, involving, full of character and as good  a centrepiece as you could want without it fighting you to the floor every time you walk past it.

geode inspired art
blue and gold painting details
paint details like a geode

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