Remember When We Were Young

orange and black slim art painting

‘Remember When We Were Young’
is a medium sized abstract painting made with angled strokes and lines

150cm x 75cm (59″ x 30″)


orange black and gold art
black and gold lines on canvas
Remember When We Were Young by Swarez Art

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What is this?

This is a small original abstract painting that’s been created using a series of angled strokes and layers. Lines and linear shapes always fascinate me as much as the more wild and free ones so it’s inevitable that I explore the techniques from time to time.

I like to play around with colours too. Very often I will try out new palettes and combinations of colour, using this technique, to see how they differ from others. This is the first time I have used a predominantly orange and gold them and I must say I am delighted with the results.

Putting a plan together

When I conceive a painting like this I am always primarily concerned with layers and how best to arrange the sequences of colour and in which order. For most of the time I stick that plan and keep to my layering goals.

An example may be the black. I would need to decide where it is placed, what it intersects with, what will sit above it and what will sit underneath it. So, I must make decisions on what is uppermost and what disappears relative to the next application and so on.

It’s a pretty good idea to have this basic sequence worked out before you start so that you can at least build up a decent painting before you start going off on tangents.

Let me tell you – I go off on a lot of them!

Remember When We Were Young by Swarez Art

Open and closed spaces

Classically trained artists will bore you for hours about negative space and tell you why less is more and all that tedious crap no-one wants to listen to.

I get the principles for sure but choose to let the painting tell me what it needs. I can feel when something isn’t right, and I don’t need a degree to judge and asesss that correctly.

It’s the reason why there is an open space though the centre of the painting. This is the breathing space that the lines need. It helps them to be seen and it gives you a chance to stop and catch your breath. This open space allows you to jump in and look around. This is the less that gives the more.

If I had weaved in more lines, I would have killed the painting. I could have introduced a single line in a bold colour but that wasn’t the look and feel I wanted here.

The finished painting

Painting abstracts can be a tricky business for so many reasons and is nowhere near as easy as you might think. There are principles and techniques involved in everything and the more effortless something looks the more difficult it (usually) is to create.

With Remember When We Were Young you have a confident and mature painting that doesn’t try to shout at you but will always hold its own. It has some crazy detailing and some beautiful blends of colour. It’s light and airy and is full of gorgeous depth and shimmering metallic tones.

It’s perfect where space is at a premium or where natural tones are in abundance.

red and gold lines of paint
orange and gold paint on canvas
yellow and gold paints

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