Linear Horizons


‘Linear Horizons’
is a very large abstract painting composed of horizontal lines, featuring an uplifting series of colours

275cm x 140cm (108″ x 55″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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very large abstract painting

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What this is…

Linear Horizons is an exceptionally large abstract painting that’s composed of a series of horizontal lines/stripes (obviously not true if you hang it vertically!). These lines were painted over several different sessions and comprise a wealth of subtle, as a well as bold, colours.

The main emphasis colour is blue but there are also features of metallic purple, teal, aqua, black, silver, lime green, yellow and a single line of magenta.

Did I mention that is was big? I hope so as you’ll need a big wall to hang it on. Imagine a grand stairwell or double height space for instance. Equally a large open plan lounge/diner would accommodate it beautifully.

Using horizons to define

As the name suggests this is all about horizon points. The most noticeable one is the black. This defines an upper and lower part to the painting and allows your eyes to reach a stop point and add their own definition for the rest of the painting.

Now, whether you determine that as, for example, a shoreline looking out to sea or river and a bank then that’s up to you and will be a response you own exclusively.

To that end it may appear as none of these and you may very well feel something else. But to me I always get water and sky. No matter what else I think about that’s what it says to me.

Linear Horizons large art by Swarez

Painting the canvas

Now, I didn’t start put with the intention of creating a series of horizons – far from it. I started out by painting this on a giant rotating barrel machine – the only one in the world I may add!. Try viewing the YouTube video of its creation – we filmed it LIVE on one of my Wednesday night broadcasts over the internet.

Here you can see it being created and watch the machine in action. Interestingly it was the magenta line that pretty much made the painting pop and this wasn’t a consideration until right at the very end. I had heaps of fun with this and I think you can tell.

It’s really uplifting, tremendously calming and intensely relaxing to have around you. It has multiple focal points and also contains a number of paint layers so it has a wonderful texture to it as well.

It also has hints of metallic gold too which, caught in the right light, illuminate the whole painting – like the sun being caught in a reflection off the sea. It’s just amazing to look at; sadly not something I can show in a static form like a photograph though. But trust me, it’s mesmerizing!

The ultimate space filler

For that big open space you’re staring at, this pretty much ticks every box. Like we’ve mentioned before, it’s big. But its sheer presence doesn’t take away from its ability to bring a space together. The series of stripes and the sequence of paint blends always feels very calm and never rushed. It’s like a rainbow but not like a rainbow if that makes sense?

It features some incredibly detailed areas that open up as you get closer and it also works fantastically from a distance too. Give me a call and let me bring it out to you. You’ll see why I am so lyrical about it when you see it for real.

green, yellow and blue paint on canvas
grand stairwell with abstract art hanging
green, yellow and blue paint on canvas

Let’s talk…

Drop me a line and I will get back to you as soon as is humanly possible!
Prefer a call? Great, we can have a quick chat about the painting and how easy it is to view