Wild Gardens of Acadia

green multi colored art above sofa

‘Wild Gardens of Acadia’
is a fresh, spring-inspired painting with rich colors and beautiful forms.

160cm x 120cm (63″ x 47″)


spring inspired paint details on canvas
large garden inspired nature art
details of garden themed painting

What’s behind the name

Wild Gardens of Acadia is a large painting featuring green as it’s base colour. Over that we have a selection of different paint tones including, red, yellow, blue, purple and orange – to name but a few! It was created with enamel paints and painted flat on the floor prior to be being had-stretched around a timber frame.

The inspiration for this painting came from a beautiful national park situated in Maine , USA. With a diverse population of over 300 plant species, this outstanding wild flowering habitat is a truly stunning place to see.

At the time of year I painted this we’re looking towards the spring, a time of growth and new beginnings. So, with this in mind, I kept things light and fresh and with a palette of color that can easily be interpreted as a meadow full of flowers or similar. So there is a firm subject matter lying behind it. That helps in connecting with the painting.

Creating the painting

If you’d like to see exactly how this was done then head over to my YouTube channel and check you the video of how this painting was created. It began as a green base going up to around a third of the way up to the centre point, followed by a cream and white band to fill the remaining canvas.

On to this I applied small pools of different colored paints and moved them around with a plastic grout spreader. This is how I formed the intricate shapes and movements with the paint. It’s a really cool technique actually and one that is very suited to this kind of effect. in fact, I move a lot of paint with these kinds of plastic spreaders – they have some remarkable properties considering that they are just a flat object!

Wild Gardens of Acadia by Swarez Art

Textures and details

The paint is applied and moved in different consistencies, so where you gave these variations next to each other you get variances in the way light moves around – that gives us some incredible textures as you get to see all the high and low points. Added to this is an abundance of rich details that range from tiny cells to rivers of paint and all the tonal shifts in between.

It’s a beautiful painting that not only conveys the uplifting nature of the spring but also stands on its own as a stunning abstract full of rich details and colors.

spring inspired paint details on canvas
spring time themed abstract painting
details of garden themed painting
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