lime green and purple modern art on a wall

is a medium sized purple and green abstract, with hints of blue and gold

120cm x 120cm (35″ x 35″)


swirls of purple paint
Retrospection original art by Swarez
details of Retrospection art by Swarez

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Retrospection is a purple and green abstract painting that features gold, blue, magenta and white as its accent colors. The color combination is bold yet strikingly beautiful. And because its a sensible size it has the ability to fit into almost any room or fill almost any space.

White walls, grey walls, blue walls – doesn’t really matter with this combination. it;;s remarkably easy to place and has a distinctive calming effect even though you may thing otherwise at first glance!

One of the most noticeable things at first glance is the celling that’s peppered around the edges of the painting. As light moves around you get some incredible textures appearing then disappearing – all with a slight move of the eyes. It’s quite the experience!

Colours and details

The background of royal purple, metallic lilac and hints of magenta is a work of art in its own right. Here I play around with mixing all three colours into some stunning shapes and forms. This is the backbone and foundation for what comes over the top.

And that is a crescendo of colour arranged in a loose kind of circle shape that fills the centre of the canvas. I applied these paints whilst the base layer was still wet so i was able to get parts of that to come through into the foreground  – this has the effect of bring both elements together and forming some cool natural breaks in between the sharpness of color that’s put on top.

The small details are magnificent. Tiny rivers appear from nowhere then blend into another then another and so on. Then, out of the blue, you get a bolt of lightning in the form of metallic gold. These thin veins pierce through the paints when you least expect it and light up the canvas.

The addition of white is the bit that calms and levels everything out. The purple and green need a little balance and this is what the white does brilliantly!

purple and green abstract painting
purple green and white paint on canvas
large purple painting
purple green and white paint on canvas

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