Warp 9

black red and orange painting

‘Warp 9’
is a long and thin modern art painting featuring dark grey and fluorescent colours

190cm x 65cm (75″ x 26″)


pink and green paint flows
Warp 9 abstract art by Swarez
fluorescent paint on canvas

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What this painting is about.

Warp 9 is a contemporary abstract painting that features a couple of fluorescent paints sat among a dark, brooding background. It’s a powerful piece, preferring to offer more in the way of questions than it does answers.

The main focus of the painting is the long flowing formations that contain the fluorescent colours. They feel born and nurtured from the top of the painting, almost as if they are goring from a root point and allowed to hang freely.

Perhaps I should have named it Cosmic Grapes or something like that! Interestingly though it’s a very approachable work of art despite the apparent dark and foreboding colour scheme. In fact it has remarkably uplifting quality about it – it’s light emerging from the darkness. I imagine the universe looking a little like this if i could accelerate my spaceship to Warp 9!

Fusing colours and forms

As you can see in the photos, this is a painting that is all about intensity. This is partly created with colour and partly with form. My choices of using black and silver for a background can make life tricky in deciding how to treat the next series of paint applications (as these two colours tend to suck up everything you throw at them).

So, rather than let it all dry and then start with a very separate form over the top, I broke with tradition and decided to fuse these highlights into the actual background itself – creating a new kind of sensation of depth thanks to the subsequent formation of the downward flows.

The result is a painting that has a massive spectrum of light and dark points yet also manages to combine a lustre and luminosity that actually becomes quite bright when you sit and stare at it for a period of time. This Bat Cave meets Nightclub!


The perfect fit

The details and colour formations are absolutely stunning and you can really get a feel for this in some of the photos on the page. And, let’s be honest, in so many living spaces these days we tend to find expanses of white paint or acres of neutral tones that are simply begging for colour and for something to add a little gravity.

And that’s exactly where Warp 9 comes in. An original painting that has balls yet is also very mature and can carry itself without drama. Equally at home with the grays and browns that things like stone and wood can give us, yet also able to stand out just enough to remind you that you deserve this and that you still have a pulse.

And then look what happens when you drop in a little pink or orange – the whole space lights up like a Christmas Tree! So you can see how versatile this painting really is now. All the neutrality you could wish for with just the right amount of colour, fused into these epic shapes. What more could you want?

pink and green paint flows
long black and grey art above a sofa
pink and green paint flows

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