Glacial March

grey chair and black and white spin painting

‘Glacial March’
is an original black and white abstract painting

100cm x 100cm (39″ x 39″)


details of black and white abstract art
details of black and white abstract art

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Black and white

This explosive, and highly engaging, black and white abstract painting was created with just these two colours. That’s it! Nothing more than that. Amazingly, all those other gradients and tonal variations are borne from just black and white. details of black and white abstract art

I love it of course but there is much more to this painting than at first meets the eye. So let me explore the colour depth and tell you why this is a little different to most that I create.

Now, on closer inspection you can not only see just grey tones but also cream coloured ones. I use a clever separation technique to tease out some of the more subdued undertones from the pigments contained within the paint.

A little Swarez magic…

In this instance it is white. The white pigment in my paints is quite a complex thing and, unlike traditional medium like acrylic and oil paints, they don’t contain any titanium dioxide.

Being a combination of several mineral substances, the white pigment has components, and these get ‘layered’ when you begin to chemically separate them. It is this process that allows me to pick out very subtle nuances from the paint; things you would never see in normal circumstances.

I don’t attempt this very often because it can get very messy and more often than not goes very wrong. But I am pleased to say that in Glacial March, things turned out pretty good!

Glacial March abstract art

Enhancing your spaces

The painting itself is another brilliant creation using my spin table. It is composed of a sequence of layers that get applied, spun and then reapplied to get the shapes and motion that you see.

It’s a very complex piece of art and one that contains a surprising amount of finesse and detail the more you look at it. It is also very flexible and accommodating; it can be hung in any one of four orientations (eight if you hang it as a diamond) and is light and carefree enough to lift the mood of any space even though it’s only crated with black and white.

So if your space is calm, relaxed and full of these kinds of colours already then you can feel easy knowing that the inclusion of Glacial March will further accentuate the mood you have already created and provide a fantastic focal point to bring everything together.

square black and white raidal spin art

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