Seagrass Meadows


‘Seagrass Meadows’
is a beautiful, multi-coloured rainbow of a painting. And it’s also very big!

275cm x 140cm (108″ x 55″)


rainbow coloured paint on canvas
very big coloured abstract painting in a hallway
rainbow coloured paint on canvas

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Big and beautiful

Seagrass Meadows is a big multi-coloured painting, let’s make no mistake about that. And because of its size it’s going to need a big wall and space to hang it in.

Choosing a large original painting doesn’t have to be daunting even if the stakes can feel pretty high at times. Often it’s a good idea to stick with simple forms and shapes or, if you want to indulge in your love of the detailed, then pack in as many colours as you can.

This is the end of the spectrum that Seagrass Meadows occupies. And what a place to be! Huge volumes of colour fill the entire rainbow of tones and hues.

Inspired by the sea (and a film!)

It’s hard to imagine a colour that isn’t included somewhere in here. The whole point of this painting was to create something with a theme of underwater realms and, if I am brutally honest here, partly inspired by the film Aquaman!

I know all that comic hero stuff is make believe but the CGI and layout designers have done the most stunning job in the film and it was something that really caught my eye and ingrained itself in my memory. So I set about creating my own sea-kingdom-inspired abstract – and one that needed to be big to encompass the huge range of colours I wanted to pack in.

It is literally a rainbow of colour bursting from every part of the painting.

It was created during one of my live stream broadcasts and you can see thew whole creation of it in this painting video from the event. Skip to around 20:00 to catch the beginning part.

Seagrass Meadows by Swarez Art

The role of metallic paint

Yet again one of the stars of the show is the shimmering metallic gold which catches the light in so many incredible ways. In fact, this painting is full of metallic hints and these give an amazing iridescent quality to the canvas when light hits it from certain directions. The inclusion of a few choice metallic paints makes all the difference to the painting.

Added to this are some truly spectacular paint forms. Most of which are applied in a left to right direction (unless you’re hanging it vertically in which case it’s a top to bottom thing). This is to mimic water flows and currents. Works incredibly well.

In fact, it really does fell like having a huge aquarium on your wall! It’s also a cascading waterfall if you turn it upright. This is my underwater rainbow and you really should see it for real.

If you have a large blank wall that’s crying out for something that’s full of life and energy then drop me a line below.

rainbow coloured paint on canvas
large rainbow coloured abstract art
rainbow paints on canvas

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