Tambora Shift

red pink and orange original art on a wall

‘Tambora Shift’
is a mid sized abstract full of deep, rich colours

140cm x 120cm (55″ x 47″)


pink and red painting
red and pink paints on canvas
Red pink and orange abstract art

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What is this?

This is a medium sized abstract artwork that features orange, black, red and pink colours. It’s of a size that can feature on most walls happily yet not be too forceful on the space it hangs in.

It is created with a water-based version of my famous enamel paints and has some very interesting details that you can see in the photos on this page.

Why the name?

The name comes from the Tambora volcano (Mount Tambora) located in the Sunda Islands in Indonesia. It’s famous for being the largest volcanic eruption every recorded in human history when that event occurred in 1815.

Much is documented about the eruption and the subsequent climate changes that occurred. However, for the context of relating that to the painting we’ll move on and concentrate on how it was created and why I considered Mount Tambora a fitting inspiration.

As I have eluded to already, this was created with a new version of my enamel paints. This time I was trialing a new non-toxic version from a new paint supplier. I had begun some initial tests and found them to be responsive and extremely easy to work with. So, I decided that Tambora Shift would be my first painting to be done this way. And what a result!

red orange and pink art called Tambora Shift by Swarez

Notes on the creation and colours

First up is that dense, searing black paint that dominates the underside of the painting. But don’t baulk at the notion of all that darkness as you can probably tell in the photos it has some astonishing textures and light reflective properties. Honestly, this could be a painting on its own!

Then we come to the colours. A majestic bright pink cuts its way through the centre of the painting, eagerly flanked by a mature and subtle purple on one side and an explosion of orange on the other.

Interwoven with these are dabs of white and a colour called Rocket Red, which is a fluorescent colour (handy if you have a UV light source around!).

The result is a dynamic, uplifting and extremely easy to get on with original painting that will add gravity and fun to any reasonably lit space.

The end result

It’s playful and light yet also remarkably grounded and mature. It really does tick a lot of boxes.

And like so many of my paintings I like to reference them back to actual things that inspire me. Now, I am no geologist, but I am fascinated with how the earth was formed and how it is in a constant state of change as we speak. So, the interest in Volcanoes is always prevalent, and I take a lot of inspiration from all aspects of this segment of geology.

The colours, the power and majesty of this dynamic natural regeneration phenomena continues to provide me all kinds of different angles to approach forms and colours from. Great stuff!

details of pink paints
red orange and pink art called Tambora Shift
bright red paint

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