Spectral Distortion

colourful modern art

‘Spectral Distortion’
is an original painting full of stunning bright colours and movement

140cm x 140cm (55″ x 55″)


bright coloured art in a home
glossy coloured paints on canvas
modern art painting called Spectral Distortion

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What is this then?

This is a square modern art painting created with a large number of bright, bold colours. The general idea was to let the paint find its own way after some careful placement and applications.

After a little settling the painting has taken on its own organic feel and the result is rather spectacular! It’s so colourful I don’t think you could ever feel unhappy standing in front of it.

The vibrant and rich colours dance and play with each other and yet, all is contained and everything has a degree of order to it – that’s why it’s so approachable and easy to get on with.

Adding dimensions and textures

Though it’s very difficult to show in a photograph, the differences between gloss and matt finishes is quite profound.

The colours that make up the mass in the centre are formed using my un-thinned paints and therefore have a very glossy appearance (something you definitely want to touch!). But the background, which is a fusion of white, cream and a touch of blue, is a more matt finish as it was thinned down (and this causes the glossiness to reduce).

So what you have is a rich diversity of surface finishes that reflect and absorb light in different ways so this painting is anything but one-dimensional.

This is such a pleasing and accessible painting that it won’t have any problem hanging in any space. It’s vibrant and colourful nature will bring life but it also feels very ordered so never becomes unruly or misbehaved.

square painting with bright colours
details of modern art
vibrant coloured abstract art
details of modern art

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