Far Beyond the Sun

colorful original art called Far Beyond the Sun by Swarez

‘Far Beyond the Sun’
is a large square abstract with powerful, deep colours and incredible details

120cm x 120cm (47″ x 47″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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orange and red paints like the sun
large square original art above a chair
details of Far Beyond the Sun by Swarez

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About the art

Far Beyond the Sun is a square abstract painting created with enamel paint. As with almost all of my work, a flat sheet of canvas was placed on the floor and paint applied from all sides.

I use a cup to pour most of the pant on before I start moving it around. In this painting I chose a simple brush method to blend the different coloured paints. Brushes have a multitude of different uses which means I can pick up and deposit paint as well as move it around and blend it.


The choice of colours is perhaps the biggest topic to discuss. The combination of orange and red is a classic but the addition of maroon, black, purple, pink and white have all served to elevate the painting.

The centre has a lightness to it that allows the deeper, richer colours to exist around it. With all the movement and frenzy going on it feels like a firecracker exploding to me. Whatever you see it definitely has energy. The colours are very warm and comforting as well as being intense and exciting.

You can hang this painting in any orientation so it can almost feel like four paintings in one. And within the confines of the canvas you can see velvety rivers of purple, deep chasms of black and orange and tiny little cells of orange and red. There is a staggering amount of detail in here.

orange purple and red abstract art
thick metallic purple paint on a painting
orange and pink abstract art
orange and red paint details on canvas

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