Supernova by Swarez Art

is a square contemporary spin painting created with stunning colours and forms

150cm x 150cm (59″ x 59″)


square abstract art in a modern hallway
details of abstract painting called Supernova
multi coloured spin painting

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What is this?

This is a square abstract painting created using my famous spin table and done during one of my LIVE stream broadcasts from Swarez HQ (live every Wednesday at 7:30pm GMT). You can see the whole live creation process here on my YouTube channel.  

Supernova is stretched around its frame and ready to hang in any of the four orientations possible (as it’s a square) but also consider it being hung as a diamond – if you have the wall for it then it’s going to look sensational! See the photo below.

Being more involved

One of the benefits of creating these kinds of paintings live is that you can clearly see the processes involved and hear me talk about why I make the decisions I do and for what reasons.

This definitely makes the creative journey a more involving one when you can see what goes into something as well as just being able to look at the finished piece. When I understand more about something, particularly in how it’s made, I tend to have more of an emotional attachment to it and therefore i appreciate and enjoy it more. This is one of the reason I do these paintings in front of a live audience.

square spin painting by Swarez Art


One of the last things to be done was the band of gold around the edge. This is the bit that really finishes of the painting for me. It has the ability to encompass all that lies before it yet also let everything radiate out.

There is no loss of movement or energy here, far from it. The reason for this is that the gold band itself is in a constant state of movement too as it is subject to the same forces that the resat of the painting has been subjected to.

The end result is a painting that achieves a number of different things. Firstly, the colours and movements. One central point where everything comes from, in one giant explosion of colour.

Secondly is the detailing. From the almost fractal-like fronds that tease the edges of the paint flows to the rich, cell structures of the metallic gold this absolutely delights no matter where you view it from.

details of abstract painting called Supernova
abstract art in a home office
gold metallic paint on canvas

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