is a large, multi-coloured abstract painting

275cm x 130cm (108″ x 51″)


multi coloured paint details on canvas
big rainbow inspired painting
multi coloured paint details on canvas

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What is this painting?

This is a gorgeous painting full of rich, vibrant colours and amazing textures. It is named after Copacabana – the beach in Rio De Janeiro, famous for its sands and its long-curved shape. You can therefore see what I chose that same arc shape as the basis for the painting composition.

And in keeping with the colourful nature of this part of Brazil I used that notion of vibrancy and life in the colour selections for the painting. So, it comes as no surprise that this is all about celebrating life.

Created LIVE on air

You may be interested to know that I created this during one of my live stream broadcasts that we do every Wednesday at Swarez HQ. Added to that was the fact that I was also trailing a brand-new version of my enamel paints for the very first time so there’s substance behind the painting before it even got started!

One of the great things about my live Wednesdays shows is that you get to hear and see how I progress through the processes of creation; both in terms of colour choices and the decisions that get made as the painting comes to life. I highly recommend you grab a drink and have a look at the live streaming event so that you can see exactly what I mean.

large multi coloured abstract painting

What a result!

The painting itself features some stunning paint blends and a crazy amount of fine detailing. Glancing through the close-up photos will give you an insight into how much is going on here. What’s great about this is that it changes depending on the distance you view it form.

Stand across the room and it has one personality, move closer and it begins to change an open up. Colours start to form, and shapes melt away. It’s not a thing I can easily describe but is captivating and compelling to experience.

So, if you want an injection of colour and a way to celebrate life then Copacabana could be for you. It’s 24-hour party when it needs to be yet also become a soothing snapshot of forms and shapes when you need it to be. Perfect!

multi coloured paint details on canvas
Copacabana by Swarez Art
multi coloured paint details on canvas

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