When the North Wind Blows

blue and white abstract art

‘When the North Wind Blows’
is a detailed and beautiful, fluid style abstract

190cm x 80cm (75″ x 31″)


swirls of blue and white paint on canvas
blue, white and gold abstract art
details of a blue and white abstract art painting

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Creating fluidity

This is a blue, white and gold abstract art painting created in a fluid style. What that means is I thin the paint down to a point at which it’s more viscose that usual. That gives me the flexibility to mix and coerce the paints into complex rivers and flows to produce the effects you see in the photos.

The painting features blue as its focus colour. Added into this are purple, white. Metallic gold and hint of black. This has all been put onto a white textures base layer.


One of the most striking features of this painting is the astonishing level of detail contained within it. As with all my originals I like to make them work from all viewing distances. So, no matter if you’re simply passing or whether you’re sat down next to it you’ll keep on getting wave after wave of things you’ve never noticed before.

This really does have the most insane level of detailing – probably some of the most intricate I have ever managed to create.

Swarez Blue

Yes, this really is a colour and it’s unique to me. It only exists in my studio and has become something of a favourite among collectors and followers of what I do.

It has the most beautiful light reflective qualities thanks to its tiny metallic flake and also features a deep lustre that moves and shifts light in ways you’ll never get to experience in a photograph.

And of course, it’s the primary focus colour in this painting so you get to enjoy a lot of it! It’s another reason why this is such a compelling piece.

When the North Wind Blows by Swarez art

Creating movements

For what is essentially a blue and white abstract painting the need for movement is critical. Solid blocks and defined areas have their place but that can get a little stale after a while.

So, the drama and energy of this painting is created with the use of movement. Here we can reference back to the fluid style we mentioned earlier as this technique, by its very definition, is, well, fluid! The flows appear to be moving and forming on their own, as if the painting is in a constant state of change.

It’s a brilliant way to keep things alive and to make things feel a little more organic rather than planned or staged.

Why you need this

It’s light and carefree and will bring a breath of fresh air to the space it hangs in. It’s uplifting and light but also has all the elements of a strong, confident abstract that will keep on giving for many years to come.

Think of it like a book; when you read this page it’s like glancing at the synopsis on the dust cover. Owning it will be like turning one page at a time – the more you get into it the more the story reveals itself. Great art should always keep doing this and be a constant reminder of the great things in life. It’s also good when you can find a piece that will give you a gentle nudge each time you stand in front of it.

Job done then!

swirls of blue and white paint on canvas
large blue and white original art on a white wall
details of a blue and white abstract art painting

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