Midnight in Madagascar

gold and purple abstract painting above sofa

‘Midnight in Madagascar’
is a stunning gold and purple abstract of just the right size to fit anywhere

160cm x 75cm (63″ x 30″)


gold and purple paint on canvas
purple and gold painting
abstract art with purple gold and silver

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What is this?

Midnight in Madagascar is a medium sized original abstract painting that features gold, purple and silver grey as its primary colours. Fused into this are elements of black, white and a light mushroom colour.

It’s a very easy-going painting that embraces the warmth and textures of sandy beaches and balmy, sunset evenings.

The purple elements add tranquility and calm whilst the opulence of the shimmering metallic gold brings fire and heat. Its light reflective qualities are astonishing in certain light conditions – something you really had ought to see in the flesh.

Notes on creation

By my own standards this is a fairly minimal painting. There’s nothing rushed or heavy about it, neither is too busy or complicated. That said, it does have some beautiful details and the finish is exquisite.

The painting can be appreciated, at the initial encounter, in two ways. First is that stunning background which is a mixture of gold, mushroom and silver. I swept in a little breeze of black at one side to temper the lightness and this is exactly the element that brings the background alive. I can almost feel the breeze gasping in across my face when I see that…

The second element that hits you is the foreground application. The large black arc, and its accompanying forms, move dramatically from one side to the other with grace and purpose. Nothing is too heavy or too formal here, yet the colours are most definitely there and bring a much-needed gravity and foundation to everything else that’s going on.

Fused into all of this is the detail that I mentioned earlier. Stop for a moment on the close-up photos and you’ll see intricate celling and tiny rivers and cascades of paint meandering in and out of each other.

This is most definitely a painting with two sides – one only revealing itself when you really get close in. I love that about my craft – having the ability to create art that stuns from all viewing angels and distances.

Midnight-in-Madagascar-by-Swarez Art

Is it right for me?

As long as gold and purple are your thing then yes! It’s as relaxing and reassured as you could ask for yet contains a whole new world as you move in towards it. The textures and light reflective qualities of it will send waves of wonder into your brain as move around it.

Small yet large enough to fit in any space with enough drama to remind you that you’re alive and enough restrain to stay very well behaved each time you walk past it.

abstract art with purple gold and silver
Midnight in Madagascar abstract by Swarez

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