Sands of Time

Sands of Time by Swarez Art

‘Sands of Time’
is a stunning square abstract created with purple and turquoise paints

100cm x 100cm (39″ x 39″)


details of Sands of Time art by Swarez
square art above a chair
details of Sands of Time art by Swarez

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Colour… oh those colours!

This original abstract art work really is quite magnificent. Based around using just two colours as the focus (purple and turquoise) I have built a painting with a series of complimentary colours and stunning forms.

In addition to that delicious teal-turquoise colour I also feature a metallic and aqua blue. These two colours add depth and gravity and feature on opposing sides for the sake of balance.

Added into this is a shimmering metallic gold that bounces light around like a lottery winner does with cash – it is literally radiating light!

Then there’s that purple that has top notes of burgundy and peach whilst at the bottom end it has an undercurrent of magenta and lilac. And you thought purple was just purple right? Ha! Not in my world…

Putting the painting together

Now we can talk abut the composition of the painting. A searing rip in space or an astral plane perhaps? Maybe it reminds you of plant cells or an explosion. My focus group have even told me that it looks like the birth of a galaxy and sea anemones swaying on a coral reef.

Whatever this painting says to you is yours town. Cherish it, embrace it and celebrate that you have the ability to connect in some way with it. That’s the secret to a great abstract – you get to finish the story off for yourself.

purple and turquoise abstract art

Getting it absolutely right

I am able to conjure such a wide range of reaction because I like to play with balance, colour and placement. At all points though I am listening to what the painting is giving back to me. This kind of feedback isn’t something that exists in words – it is purely a physical reaction to what my eyes relay to my brain.

I wish I could explain it better for you. Let’s just say I feel the right and wrong of something very easily. Sands of Time is so very right to me. Right down to the intricate cells I have created at that critical point where the purple is at its most dense and powerful.

For me that’s the absolute best bit and without it the painting falls apart. Sometimes these things really do exist on a knife edge.

Welcome to my world…

details of Sands of Time art by Swarez
hallway showing small square abstract painting
turquoise and burgundy original art