Gemini Rising

purple and blue abstract painting on a wall

‘Gemini Rising’
is a large rectangular painting that’s bursting with color and spectacular forms

150cm x 130cm (59″ x 51″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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blue and orange paint on canvas
big white wall and a big painting
orange and red paint on purple canvas

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Letting go

Gemini Rising is a large rectangular painting that was created with a mix of maroon, purple, red, lime green, turquoise, orange, black and gold paints. It’s creation was a very casual affair that saw me kick back one afternoon and simply allow myself to go where the paint decided.

It’s a curious statement to make but one that feels correct. Very often i can get utterly lost in time and space when I have paint in my hands and more often that not i don’t feel like I am consciously painting.

That aside, the colours are an absolute delight. The inclusion of lime green has worked wonders and this addition to the canvas has really defined it. This is a much needed break point that helps your eye to find a natural stop point to give your brain a moment to catch up with itself.

Details and things

There are so many intricate and fine details in this painting that it’s difficult to mow where to start. I think that the moment you get a spotlight on it a whole new world opens up. The sheer depth of the background is the prefect stage for all the other colors. Then you get random flashes of metallic gold when you least expect it too – awesome!

There are rives and cells of paint as well as a myriad of blooms and blends. In places the tonal shifts are subtle yet in others they are pronounced. This painting is very much a tale of two halves. On one you have a rigid structure and a contained series of applications that have clearly defined boundaries. On the other you get a wonderfully organic series of flows and shapes. Marvellous!

Abstract painting called Gemini Rising by Swarez

Textures and details

This is a good time to talk about textures. It’s difficult to show those with a camera, despite trying my hardest. It is the action of standing in front of it that reveals the true depth and range of the painting finishes.

The volumes and viscosities of paint I use vary greatly and I like to mix these up when I paint on the same canvas. So in this piece we have high and low points as well as gloss and semi gloss finishes – all of which add up to give you an additional element of surprise, especially as light moves over the enamel paint surfaces.

enamel paint details
rectangular abstract painting for sale
close up of Gemini Rising by Swarez

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