A Day in the Life

abstract painting above a sofa

‘A Day in the Life’
is a mid-sized abstract featuring red, purple, turquoise and silver paints

160cm x 100cm (63″ x 39″)


details of A Day in the Life by Swarez
red and purple art above a dining table
details of silver and purple paint on canvas

Main features

This magnificent red and purple painting features hints of turquoise, gold, silver and white. It’s quite an unusual combination of colours for me to use and the way I have arranged them is also something different for me.

There’s still that rising and moving element of dark to light but the organisation and placement of the colour blocks is not a line I normally follow.

The painting features lots of exciting and different techniques including drops and splats as well as celling, fluid pours and intricate blending.

Details galore

I often talk about details and my love of making every inch of the canvas work. No matter the size of the painting I always look at making each bit work wherever you view it from. In this particular piece I have managed to combine a very striking series of colours and shapes that instantly grab the eye whilst packing in an almost infinite level of detail.

Even the large area of silver, which at first appears solid and unwavering, features tiny fronds and cells. And did I mention the role that the metallic paints play? Well, they may only be silver and gold but they bring an added dimension to the way light reflects across the surface. You have to see it to believe it.

A Day in the Life painting by Swarez Art

Ways to enjoy

Another added bonus is the option to hang it in any one of four orientations so being able to rotate to fit a particular space is not going to be a problem. Whether it’s a bedroom or above a sofa this painting is extremely versatile.

I’ve also photographed it hanging in a bright hallway so there’s another location that could benefit from a spectacular infusion of colour.

It’s a bold original artwork that has incredible details and strong vibrant colours. The use of gold and silver add another element to this already feature packed painting.

silver enamel paint
tall abstract painting in a hallway by a plant
swirling red paints