Wonderland 2


‘Wonderland 2’
is a magnificent red and purple abstract with a stunning finish and incredible details

300cm x 120cm (118″ x 47″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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purple and red art
big red and purple art on a wall
details of red and orange paint on canvas

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Size matters

This is an exceptionally large red and purple abstract painting featuring elements of pink, orange and gold. It also has some black to add a little gravity and structure.

I painted this live on air on one of my Wednesday night live stream broadcasts directly from my sealed paint pod at Swarez HQ. It was quite the event I may add so well worth a watch if you need distracting for 45 mins!

This painting was borne out of the desire to paint in the style of a previous original from 2015 called Across the Rainbow Bridge. This was sold to a client in South Carolina who eulogized over it as he prepared to hang it in his sizable new home with its acres of white walls.

That, I think, should be a serious consideration if you are in the market for something this large. You are going to need a big, light space to give it room to breathe. If you can satisfy that requirement then oh man, are you in for a treat because this huge original painting is just simply mind-blowing in the flesh.

Just look at the colours…

As the name suggests it really is a land full of wonder. It is, perhaps, the colour combination that grabs your attention first and remains present wherever you choose to look. The bewildering depth of tonal range has surprised even me – and I am the one who painted it!

Purple is split across so many different parts of the purple spectrum it’s hard to decipher which was the original colour! Amazing. This means that you’ll always see something different each time you look at it. The colour alone makes this something very special.

Then we get on to the shapes I have created. The most noticeable one is the giant arc of purple. Now, whilst I don’t have a particular preference for the orientation of the painting, I do get that in one way it looks like a grinning Cheshire cat (hence the Alice in Wonderland reference) yet a flip the other way shows a delicate arch structure that makes me think of a bridge.

I’ll let you make your own mind up about that and in what orientation you think works best. Suffice to say, you have the ability to flip it any way you want.

large red and purple abstract painting called Wonderland

Amazing detailing

So, as if the impact and beauty of the colour choices weren’t enough for you or the spectacular shapes I have created still don’t stir a feeling of awe and wonder, then consider the third element of this painting – the details.

I only have so much room on the page to show you these (who wants to wait while I load up 20 high resolution images right?) but I can assure you, with absolute confidence, that the level of detail we have here borders on the microscopic.

It really is like having a thousand tiny paintings collected into one enormous, overwhelmingly beautiful piece. And I haven’t even mentioned the shimmering metallic gold yet have I? See what I mean? This just keeps on giving. Time after time, layer upon layer.

I can’t wait to see this hanging in a bright open space somewhere; bringing hope, joy and life into some lucky person’s home. It’s going to change somebody’s world – what more could I ask for than that…

very large modern art in dining room
details of red and orange paint on canvas
tall art for a double height space

Let’s talk…

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