My Secret Paradise

red green and blue original art

‘My Secret Paradise’
is a bright, dynamic painting full of rich colours and features

200cm x 90cm (78″ x 35″)


red corner of painting
bright colored painting above sofa
details of My Secret Paradise by Swarez

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Colours everywhere!

My Secret Paradise is a magnificent, brightly coloured new painting that combines all major colour groups into a rich, vibrant interpretation of paradise.

There’s something quite surreal when you stand in front of this abstract painting. It’s a very unusual and very pleasant sensation that leaves you feeling completely part of it; just as if you’ve left this place for a moment and become immersed in a world of colours and forms.

In a heartbeat you’re taken from green and yellow into a cascade of deep red and violet. Then you can be swept away by deep blue and aqua then whisked away into a melting pot of silver and gold.

Details are everything

I actually started off by using a compressed air gun after I had applied the paints onto the canvas. The early stages of the painting were created by moving paint with varying degrees of air pressure controlled by a trigger on the air line. Tis gave me some great initial forms but I knew I needed something else.

So I came out with the grout spreaders to start to flick paint around the canvas so that I could better move parts of the paint around. This enabled me to be more precise with where the paint went and n terms of being more accurate with shape construction and paint distribution.

My Secret Paradise original art by Swarez

Details and obsessions

Time after time I talk of the detail levels I build into my work. There’s good reason for this and that’s because it’s one of the defining qualities of my creative output.

I am know for the astonishing amount of detail I put into my work and in this painting it’s shown off in the most spectacular way. Some of the close-up photos show you some of what I’m talking about. Every twist and turn is full of a thousand tiny rainbows all bursting with multi-coloured wonder.

Now, after all that you’ve read, how would you like to see this painting actually being created? Well, you can if you click here to see this magnificent multi-colored artwork being created.

multi-colored paints on canvas art
multi-colored abstract painting
purple paint on canvas

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