is a very large painting full of incredible colours and spectacular forms

300cm x 150cm (118″ x 59″)


includes UK delivery and hanging

details of enamel piants on canvas
very large colorful painting
details of enamel piants on canvas

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An uplifting moment…

Paradise is a stunning (and very large) multi color abstract painting created using a unique ‘water colour ‘ technique. In fact, this enormous painting saw me thin down my paints so that I could pour them onto a pre-coated canvas and treat them as if they were, well, water!

But this only tells half the story as I created the whole painting in one session whilst broadcasting live on our weekly Live Stream broadcast (that we put out each Wednesday). The pressure is real, even though I never show it and on this occasion I was having an absolute blast! I think you can tell that in the mix of vibrant and varied colours.

From the outset I wanted to make something tropical. I love all those rich, indulgent colours that nature produces where there air is warm and the soils are fertile. I am immediately drawn to thoughts of a coastal paradise somewhere as I let the colours and forms whisk me off to a remote Caribbean island or other far flung place.

A carnival of color

That’s another great word to use in association with this large original painting – a carnival. Each time you look at it it feels like a celebration of life. Each carefree twist and turn is packed full of energy and movement and there’s never a dull moment with this in the room.

The technique is remarkably simple but incredibly effective. You get your paints and mix in paint thinners then pour this thinned paint onto a pre-base coated canvas (in this case white). You need a flat surface to work on so that the paint doesn’t fall away and that’s it!

After a period of time with the painting I applied more thinners to areas that needed a little help to move and form with the other paints. The process is very cathartic actually and the whole broadcast is a joy to watch – check out the painting creation here.

If you have the space then this is going to light up your room like nothing else, it really is that good!

multi color large art
close up of Paradise art by Swarez
large tropical themed abstract painting in a big space
close up of Paradise art by Swarez

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