Reflection and Inversion

original minimal contemporary art

‘Reflection and Inversion’
is a bold, minimal painting created with a series of intertwined loops of white, gold and Swarez blue

150cm x 130cm (59″ x 51″)


paint loops on canvas
large blue and copper modern art
details of Reflection and Inversion art by Swarez

What is this?

Reflection and Inversion is a minimal abstract painting created from a series of loops and arcs. It’s a complex yet soothing mixture of different sized lines with varying degrees of density. That gives it a wonderfully textured nature as light rebounds around it.

Featured colours are metallic blue and copper as well as white, black and gold.

There are so many playful intersections and nodes at work here and that it reminds me of complex neuro networks or virtual highways. I have long been fascinated with how things interact with each other and when paths cross. It’s a constant in the fields of particle physics and research into the human brain and I guess these subjects invariably influence my fascination with paint at some point.

The background layer comprises a semi-gloss black fused with hints of metallic gold and copper and is a marvel in its own right. Partly this is because it serves as such a powerful and sustainable compliment to the loops that are placed on top of it. The base has a natural deep sheen and shimmer and also provides a solid and warm home for what sits on top of it. The whole painting is carried by this rich, gratifying background.

For the love of paint

As I move my body around in these gentle, considered movements I am able to let the paint fall with surprising accuracy. This is me enjoying my paints. I feel my whole body and mind just moving with these effortless flows. As I tip the cups and begin to pour I have nothing else to worry about. This is freedom for me.

An yet, as it may appear that everything is without thought let me assure you that the opposite is, in fact, the truth. I am so deeply involved with each movement and turn that my entire existence is focused on the pour and nothing else.

So the placement of each one, the colour, the volume, the direction, the duration and the start and end points are all present and very much controlled. Nothing else exists during these processes. There is no mind now, only paint.

So if you just see this as load of loops on canvas then fine, that’s perfectly okay. But I hope you can see past that into the world I occupy when I do this kind of painting. It’s a very personal space and one that’s difficult to express with words. This painting is a record of that time and place when there was ultimate purity and value of the self.

Great name for a great painting…

minimal black, copper and blue original art
loops of copper paint on canvas
Reflection and Inversion modern art by Swarez
details of Reflection and Inversion art by Swarez