abstract art above a console table

is a square spin painting with vibrant pink and green colours

100cm x 100cm (39″ x 39″)


art on a chimney breast
pink and green abstract painting details
square pink and green art

A stunning colour combination

Expulsis is a square spin painting created with a vivid lime green and bright pink paints. There are compliments of black and white too along with sublet hints of a few other colours too.

I created this on my unique spin table – a device we built especially for us and having some rather interesting features. You can see and learn more about my spin paintings here.

The colour combination is an absolute favourite of mine and I like to use it wherever I can. A combination of lime green and pink is pretty awesome in my book and I have a done a few over the years that have really turned out exceptionally well – and Expulsis is no exception

Paint blending

Its blending and separation qualities are something to behold. Note how the paint distribution never feels unbalanced or sided? This is critical in a painting like this because the whole point of it is to celebrate that giant explosion coming from the middle. If I think about weighting the paint in one particular part it will make it feel heavy and disjointed.

In fact, if you look closely, you can see that each of the three main colours (pink, green and black) all feature on the base layer then have a second wave of paint applied directly opposite. So, wherever you look, you get al three colours at the same time. Pretty neat right?

Spinning the paint for the right amount of time for each application is very important. Then also consider the ones that went on before – these get spun again each time new paint goes on so it’s even ore important to understand the effects of every spin on all elements of the painting.

Expulsis pink and green painting by Swarez

The right stuff

The size of this original painting also makes it easy to place. It’s never too big to oppress or command yet it radiates energy and life wherever you view it from. It’s definitely a case of having just the right amount of everything.

And because it’s a square you can change the orientation four ways (eight if you’re brave enough to hang it as a diamond!). So you can consistently change the look and feel of the painting with a ten second rotate. How awesome is that?

pink and green abstract painting details
lime green and bright pink modern art
pink and green abstract painting details