Dark Sun

blue and black painting in abstract style in a dining room

‘Dark Sun’
is a fantastic expression of blue and black paint fused into a single form

225cm x 75cm (89″ x 30″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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blue and gold paints on canvas
large abstract painting behind a sofa
blue and gold paints on canvas

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Simple colours, complex results

Dark Sun is a large rectangular original painting created with a series of blue, black and gold paints. That’s it, no more colours just those. Every twist and turn and every tonal shift is created from just four colours. It’s a combination that’s hard to beat as it is so expressive in the way it blends. There are very few colour groups that allow me to be this adventurous.

The application method is also similarly rich in its flagrant disregard for convention. The canvas gets a think skim coat then gets bombarded with paint that’s thrown, poured, spooned and drizzled from all kinds of distances and heights. The painting is then liberally doused in paint thinners before I walk away and let physics finish it off for me.


What you walk back into after that is a beautiful collection of controlled chaos. Areas of inky blue are met abruptly with dense pools of black. Then there are the gold elements tat pierce through the darkness with lightning clarity.

Peppered into this are a thousand tiny nuances of blue where it’s mixed with the white. It’s an engaging painting that has an infinite number of ways to give back to you – always conjuring new ways to draw you in.

Easy to live with

The size of this painting means it’s easily suited to a dining room space or behind a sofa. The fairly conservative colour combinations don’t offend or upset and will work with most interior schemes. That said, it is no shrinking violet! This is a room stealer and one that will take your attention wherever it is hung.

And to me, that’s the real beauty and power of a good abstract; it should have the ability to make you feel something every time you walk past it. If it doesn’t, it’s not right for you.

black and blue abstract painting
details of Dark Sun art by Swarez
details of Dark Sun art by Swarez

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