Rising Tides

blue and gold painting in a living space

‘Rising Tides’
is a refreshing blue and gold painting created with a series of horizontal lines

150cm x 100cm (59″ x 39″)


white and black paint details
long blue and gold art above a sofa
details of blue and gold art

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The what and the how

Rising Tides is an original contemporary painting created with a series of loosely defined bands of colour. I used metallic Swarez blue (my own colour) together with metallic gold, black and white.

These bands were applied using a window squeegee (yes, you heard that correctly!). I mixed my paints and then dragged them across the canvas repeatedly until I got the look I was aiming for.

This is not a new technique by any means but it does bring different results every time I do it. Things like paint consistency, volume and proximity to opposing colours are always producing variations I cannot predict – it’s one of the reasons I love this technique so much.

In itself, the process is a very delicate one. I have to mindful of the pressure I place upon the squeegee blade because this determines things like paint thickness and how far each application goes (the harder the force the thinner the layer but the further it goes).

The power of blue and gold

It is the role of the blue and gold that makes this abstract painting a success. I carefully placed a band of gold at the top edge to catch light and to let the painting almost fall off the top. This corresponds nicely to the darker band at the base which is the point everything grows from.

The combination of blue and gold is a classic and one I love to use wherever I can. I have another similar painting on the site called Golden Shores which is the same colour palette and technique.

What strikes me the most when I first look at this painting is the gentle nature of it. I get feelings of clouds and mist and the rousing sounds of the oceans. Sit for a moment and imagine that. I also see horizons and land masses,, but you may see something completely different.

Rising Tides blue and gold art by Swarez

Amazing details

I am also very happy with the amazing details in this beautiful piece. A quick glance at the close-up photos will show you how infinitely engaging this abstract is. No matter whether you’re fifteen feet away or you have your nose pressed against it, this is a painting that delivers on all levels.

In the photos I have shown it hanging in both portrait and landscape orientations; it’s very versatile and can be hung in one of four ways. So, it’s perfect for almost any space where something contemporary is required but without it wrestling you to the floor each time you walk past it.

blue and gold paints on canvas
blue and gold abstract art
blue and gold art

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