Perpetual Motion

pink and blue abstract art on a wall

‘Perpetual Motion’
is a medium sized abstract with stunning shapes and forms

150cm x 60cm (59″ x 24″)


details of magenta and blue paint on canvas
pink and blue abstract painting
swirls of paint on canvas

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Capturing creative freedom

This stunning pink and blue abstract painting is a throw back to a style I painted in a long time ago. I’ve taken a trip down memory lane with a brand-new paint formula to capture and recreate some of the highs from 10 years ago, when I was learning all bout this complex layering technique.

The movements are relaxed and carefree and the fluid motion of the whole piece really is a window into what it feels like when you can let go of the baggage that surrounds you.

This painting is a pure celebration of paint and the freedom to do with it what you will.

I rarely do this kind of thing these days because my mind is constantly evolving and thinking but once in a while I have the opportunity to stop and paint for fun, for the joy of doing it. And when that happens it gets released into something like this.

Choosing colours

The colour choices are perfect. Each one compliments the other beautifully and there are some real stand-out details as you can see in the photos. Small twists and turns, tiny river sand valleys and an immersive background that lets the whole painting shine.

You may also like to know that I sprinkled some pigment onto the drying paint so there is also the additional element of purple and gold. These light and random dustings add an unexpected twist as you move in closer. This is also true of the tiny droplets of yellow that make an appearance if you stop and let your eyes settle for a moment.

Perpetual Motion art by Swarez

A perfect fit

This new abstract is one of those paintings that packs a punch but will never shout and scream at you. It’s small enough to fit into your world but has an impact that will always remind you that you have a pulse.

It’s a beating heart, a relaxing summer’s day and it’s thousand different things you want it to be. I’m not sure you can ask much more of that from a painting can you?

swirls of paint on canvas
details of magenta and blue paint on canvas

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