Flying Totems

Flying Totems by Swarez Art

‘Flying Totems’
is a large rainbow coloured abstract painting

180cm x 140cm (71″ x 55″)


big blue painting
rainbow paints on canvas
rainbow paints on canvas

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What is this?

Flying Totems is a large blue abstract art work on canvas. It’s created in enamel paint and comprises of a blended background layer of various blues and a hint of mallard green.

In to that goes some metallic silver and a little white followed by a series of complex rainbow coloured shapes over the top.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

If there’s one thing that really makes me happy it’s having the freedom to create paintings like this. If I ever have to be defined as an artist (god forbid) then you can use this one to do it.

I literally cannot remember a painting that has brought me such bloody happiness and satisfaction as this one. From the utterly dazzling colour selection to the rich blended background this painting has absolutely everything I love about my craft

It has energy. It’s uplifting and carries a swell of positivity that I have not felt in a very long time. And if you think that’s bullshit then click the back button on your browser because this is not for you.

The painting

The top layers are a series of pours, twists, loops and arcs that meander upwards (whichever way you choose to hang it) in a spectacular array of light and radiance. I mean, just look at the freaking colours – tell me that doesn’t lift you up when you look at it?

There is an accent on orange and purple for the main underlying colours. On to this goes the rest with white being the one that brings it all together at the end – almost like my Swarez signature spanning the whole canvas (that wasn’t intentional by the way!).

Layering is critical to get separation in between the paints so this kind of technique is as much about timing as it is colour choice and volumes applied.

abstract blue art

Immerse yourself

Let me be honest with you here – I simply cannot do this painting justice with a camera and a computer screen, I just can’t – no matter how hard I try.

There is only one way to see it and that is in the flesh, standing in front of it. Get up close, look at the incredible lines and twists, marvel at the colour blends and vibrancy of the paint.

Let yourself get swallowed, uplifted and consumed by it. And it doesn’t matter if this isn’t your thing or it’s too abstract for your taste, you can still be immersed in the experience of being around it.

I am not making this up I promise. The painting has a very unusual, ethereal quality about it. I can’t really explain what I feel because that’s going to be different for all of us.

But I can tell you that these feelings have, for those that have seen it in the gallery, been constant and unwavering in their consistency.

Flying Totems really does have something about it – and I see my paintings every day. Please come and see it or even in your own home. Go on, life is short so enjoy it while you can. This is going to make someone’s living room look absolutely incredible. To make it yours fill in the form below. You’re welcome!

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