After the Rain


‘After the Rain’
is a large multi-coloured abstract painting

250cm x 130cm (99″ x 51″)


big colourful art in boardroom
multi coloured art

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What is this?

After The Rain is a large piece of multi coloured art that has been created with enamel paint and made up of a load of gentle arcs and sweeps that interlock and overlap with each other.

It’s not meant to be anything which is why its abstract in its composition. It is purely a celebration of colours and shapes and the majesty of my paints.

Colour, colour, colour

There’s no denying my love of colour I use them in many combinations and ratios but I rarely give myself the opportunity to use all of them in the same painting. multi coloured art

With After The Rain that’s exactly what I have done – gone completely mad and used a whole rainbow of colour in one place.

I have done that on occasions and, most notably, this does have a resemblance to High Hopes from 2015. It has the same technique of using window squeegees of various widths to create the free flowing arcs and loops.

Want to see how it was done?

At this point you may like to know that I recorded the whole process of this painting’s creation from start to finish in a live internet broadcast on October 30th 2019.

This was breaking new ground for me as I had never televised any parts of my process before so I decided to start with a bang and go for it with a technique that’s expressive, colours that are gorgeous and a canvas big enough to fill the wide angle on the overhead camera!

Scroll back up to the video thumbnail or watch the video here

big colourful art After the Rain by Swarez

Big is good!

Don’t be afraid of having a large painting on your wall. There really is something very powerful about going large with your art. This is especially true if you’ve gone the lengths of renovating or remodelling your home and now have a large expanse of wall with nothing on it. multi coloured art

The power of big art is not something to be experienced at a computer screen though – it is something to walk up to and touch, something to sit back and admire. You need to treat something grand with an equally grand attitude. The painting will reward you for it.

So come on, get some colour into your life for goodness sake. The world can be a grey and miserable place so stop procrastinating and get on with it. Drop me a line and let me show you what you’ve been missing…