The Way Back Home

orange and red art

‘The Way Back Home’
is a mid sized orange and red abstract painting

130cm x 130cm (51″ x 51″)


square red and orange painting
The Way Back Home by Swarez Art
red and gold paint on canvas

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A change of seasons

This orange and red abstract art work is a square painting created with enamel paints on canvas. It features a very strong series of colours which are definitely at the hotter end of the colour spectrum – I think I am getting inspired by the onset of Autumn and the dark nights that close in around us.

To that end the painting is most definitely warm and welcoming. Fiery red and orange dominate whilst the shimmering brilliance of metallic gold echo the richness of the primary colours but also give light – like an oasis of opulence right in the heart of the painting.

The inclusion of black grounds this artwork and stops everything floating off into the heavens. It brings forward feelings of earthiness and solidity as well as being a base from which to exude all those wonderful shapes and movements.

The great thing about working on an abstract form is that I can interpret things without having to actually make something recognisable – the challenge for both creator and viewer is to suggest a subject matter then let the viewer conjour their own emotions around it. I would be interested to hear if you get the same feelings as me from it?

orange and red abstract art

Textures and finish

The painting is quite glossy so does have some reflective qualities to it – this is one of the surprising elements that you can experience – along with the very detailed finish to the paint structures. This does get very hard to show in photographs no matter how hard I try.

The painting is full of interesting textural features and this is brought about by the layering of paint – sometimes in high spots and sometimes in low ones. This in turn allows light to bounce off it in all kinds of developing ways.

The Way Back Home is very self-assured and has a mature glow around it. It doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not and, despite its apparent wayward outlook, it’s very calm and reassuring. It’s bound to suit any kind of space and especially one where a little warmth and security will be welcomed.

Oh, and you can also rotate it in four orientations (two of which I have shown in the photos) so it’s like having four paintings in one – cool or what!

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