The Time Machine

black art in a dining room

‘The Time Machine’
is a large original black and orange painting

160cm x 130cm (63″ x 51″)


black and orange art
orange and black painting
The Time Machine artwork hanging on a wall

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The basics

The Time Machine is an original abstract painting created with enamel paints. It mainly features orange and black colours with accents of white, silver, yellow and burgundy.

It was created during a live streaming event that was broadcast on November 6th 2019. You can watch the whole stream here – it’s very entertaining! It was created alongside the lighter coloured painting called Zero Gravity.

Chemistry and other things

The theme on that night was chemicals. As with all my paint streams I theme them so that we can cover different things each week. On this occasion it was all about chemicals and what they do the paints.

In a nutshell I used seven different compounds to create this painting along with an array of techniques and tools and other assorted magic.

Feedback on the night was great but it’s only when the cameras stopped rolling and the painting had a chance to settle and cure that the real wonders began to emerge.

Almost every kind of effect and shape is in here somewhere. So many in fact that I cannot name or identify them all. The level of detailing is crazy and I have no doubt that this will keep giving for years and years.

black orange abstract art

Shiny, shiny!

Well, it is, very shiny! The gloss mediums I use are actually built in to the paint and I can play about with them to adjust the reflectiveness of the finished surface.

Some areas of the painting are matt in appearance but the overwhelming depth is created by the intense shine that this painting carries. it’s absolutely gorgeous.

It may be worth nothing that it won’t fare too well opposite a strong light source like bifold doors or a large window. It may be a good idea to choose an adjacent wall rather than a facing one.

Living with it

Don’t be concerned about the darkness in this painting because it actually feels tremendously vibrant and uplifting. The shapes are strong, the colours are defined and it all sits atop a swirling cascade of dark intrigue and intensity.

This painting will always remind you it’s there each time you walk past it. Yet it will also offer up its own maturity and confidence without overwhelming your peripheral vision with rainbows and unicorns.

I hope you see dragons, ghosts, penguins and all kinds of things like that. I hope it triggers a reaction that’s uniquely yours. If you’re ever coming my way then please come and see it and tell me it’s even better in real life. Trust me, it really is – and them some!

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