The Heart of Noise

orange and turquoise art on a wall

‘The Heart of Noise’
is a medium sized abstract painting

130cm x 110cm (51″ x 43″)


medium size painting hung on a wall
The Heart of Noise art by Swarez
red and black paints

Colour combinations

If I were to write down these colours and suggest I use them in a painting I would probably baulk at the idea. I’d most likely swap out the green colour for something else at the very least.

What’s interesting is that the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts. Lose any of the colours and things break down. You can see what I mean if you block out one of them with your palm.

Put them all together though and you get something wonderful. Sometimes things just work out like that. Sometimes you just have to trust your instinct and go with it.

Bring the fire!

While we are talking about colour we should mention the combination of orange, red and burgundy. These three fiery tones encircle one side of the painting and are definitely the providers of warmth.

They leap and dance and form complex patterns and shapes; often daring to take over the whole painting at a moment’s notice. They are playful for sure but also rather commanding and full of intent. This helps to break the painting into manageable chunks.

These colours absolutely make the painting. Losing any of them would extinguish the drama that lies at the heart of the noise (hence the name).

The Heart of Noise by Swarez Art

Textures and finishes

It is always difficult to show the textures of paint in my work and none more so than here. The entire painting is covered in high and low point that catch the light and refract it in the most sensational ways. Don’t think for a moment that this is one dimensional because it isn’t.

It’s involving on a number of different levels and texture is one of the main ones. I have achieved this not only layering paint but also pooling it with a little chemical wizardry. I can essentially disperse paint at my will to help form mountains and valleys on the canvas. It’s so cool – you really had ought to see it in th eflesh  – so to speak!

Thankfully  you can pop this hot little thing almost anywhere and it won’t wrestle you to the floor each time you walk past it. And even though it’s small, in comparison to the sizes I normally work with, it packs a punch way above it’s weight. I like that – a painting that’s not ashamed and won’t go quietly into the night. One life people. Live it now.