Saturation Point

spin art by Swarez

‘Saturation Point’
is a large square abstract spin painting

150cm x 150cm (59″ x 59″)


Saturation Point art
square spin painting
square modern art painting

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Conceiving the ideas

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room first – that spin painting is easy and that it’s nothing new. I’m always happy to have that conversation and thankfully I already have over on my dedicated spin art page that covers processes and my own approach to the genre.

Ok great, so let’s move on.

This painting was conceived for one of my live painting streams that’s broadcast on the Swarez YouTube channel very Wednesday. On the week that Saturation Point was created the theme was spin painting (no great shock there) and as you can see in the video here I took my spin table into my paint pod for the live session.

What happened afterwards

If you choose to go check out the video of the whole stream (and I urge you to do exactly that) then you may see a difference in how I left the painting when I finished the broadcast and how it looks now in the pictures.

The reason is because I wasn’t quite done with it during the time I felt we should be on air. So after I said my thank-you’s and goodbyes I subtly began to make adjustments until I was at a point I could say it was done. Two further hours went by very quickly.

I’m very glad I did too as it now feels complete – which is a relief because I didn’t want to lose such a promising painting that’s full of wonderful colours, tonal shifts and textural elements.

You can see the whole live painting stream here.

square modern art painting

The painting

The actual painting is made up of a series of layers, unlike many artists who attempt this kind of painting (who choose to slap everything on in one go).

I don’t do that as it doesn’t work very well. If you’re going to use a piece of equipment to help you paint then I believe you should at least look at ways to make it work for you and expand your ideas threshold.

It went through a number of versions as new paint was added so its birth has definitely been a labour of love – a task made even more challenging whilst  trying to entertain and engage an audience during a live broadcast.

I think I definitely needed that time at the end to tidy things up and concentrate on finishing what I had started.

square large abstract art
pink paint on canvas
square large abstract art

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