Stream of Consciousness


‘Stream of Consciousness’
is a contemporary purple and pink artwork inspired by the human brain (nice!)

180cm x 130cm (71″ x 51″)


purple and pink abstract art
purple and pink art
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The colour purple

Purple – I think I have a thing for it. It does seem to appear in a lot of my paintings and in this particular one it’s a rather special colour indeed that adorns so much of the canvas.

In fact, as in Eternal Skies, it’s a unique colour called Swarez Viola and only exists in a series of ten paintings. That’s it! And all it will ever be. I will not make the colour again so this stands in the ‘even more special’ category in my opinion.

I just fancied doing something that I had not done before and that was to develop a colour that was uniquely my own (the other is called Swarez Blue but that’s too nice to stop using!)

Other colour notes

Of course you can’t really have just one colour (you can but I don’t really do that kind of thing), so I’ve teamed up with a few classic combinations to go with that spectacular viola purple colour.

So let’s welcome in a hot pink, metallic blue, metallic gold, white and a dash of jet black. All told it’s a very powerful combination but one that also has a very human and subtle side too; I needed that because of the subject matter that influenced it.

Stream-of-Conciousness painting by Swarez

The human brain

Okay so I am no scientists (or have much clue abut anything really) but I do know all the popular things about the brain that concern complexity, neural pathways, areas like the cortex and other such regions that perform different functions.

I can also imagine neurons firing a billion times a second and all the energy that must be contained and transferred within our brains. If I could travel at the speed of light through the cells and nerve endings I imagine it would feel a bit like this painting.

So whilst this is not a figurative depiction, or even a semi-abstract version, of the human brain it has an implied reference because of the thought concepts that lie behind it. Hopefully you can pick up on that too.

Living with the painting

It’s easy! No really, I mean it. You don’t have to work hard to get the most out of it or worry about how you’ll feel about it when your mood changes.

The colours have a calming nature about them whilst the gentle loops and swoops cascade and meander in the most delightfully elegant ways.

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