Eternal Skies


‘Eternal Skies’
is a contemporary art work inspired by rugged landscapes and dramatic skies

180cm x 130cm (71″ x 51″)


large modern art in contemporary home
purple and orage paints on canvas

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What this is about

This is a multi coloured modern art painting that’s been inspired by the majesty of our ever-changing skies. As the debate around global warming rages on there can be no doubt that, whatever the cause, our climate and weather systems are changing dramatically.

I wanted to capture some of the colour and ferocity of our storm systems and also of the impact that has upon our landscapes.

I can hardly call myself a landscape painter so please forgive me for using the reference, but I was indeed planning to create something dramatic for Eternal Skies. And, unusually for me, the name lead the painting as I’ve had it on a list for quite some time.

The colour choices

So here we have a underlying palette of white, grey, light blue and silver. On their own that’s fine and I could probably have created a very interesting painting. However, lest we not forget the majesty of sunsets and the tonal ranges they can bring. For the calm that comes after the shouting has died down it’s a welcome relief to bring those colours in.

But that’s only really half the story; look closer and you find an intense fire-red that burns and scorches the sky. Then there’s the deep chasm of black in the centre – the bringer of noise, the end of things and the gravity that anchors everything.


Other notes on colour and form

Whisps of gold radiate on the promise of things to come whilst Swarez Viola (yes, that’s the name of the colour and it exists in only a handful of originals) pierces through the whole composition.

And all this sits atop that calm of the white. This is the contrast that allows both light and dark to exist. It’s not the nucleus or focal point but it’s the most critical part of the painting. It lifts the rest of it and pushes the momentum skyward – without it the whole thing fails.

And so, for all of its magnificence, power and drama, Eternal Skies is a very accessible painting. Equally at home in a contemporary space as it is in a more traditional one, it has an odd ability to feel very good about itself.

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