Prismatic Warp

large round painting

‘Prismatic Warp’
is a large circular abstract painting created using a centrifugal spin table!

180cm diameter (71″)


very big circular canvas painting
bottom of round canvas painting
blue star effect in paint

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A large round abstract painting…

That was created LIVE during one of my weekly live stream painting sessions that gets broadcast on You Tube. You can see it being created here.

You really get to see exactly how it was created and all the thought processes that went into it. I also include some early footage of the round canvas itself – this magnificent big circular beast is a work of art in its own right and its construction is a fascinating as the painting I put on top of it.

Did I mention it was big?

I hope you get that impression from the photos because it is. I actually had three of these made for me a few years back but have only recently had the time and headspace to use them.

So it was with huge pleasure that I wheeled one out and got the paint room set up with all the cameras and light rigs ready to paint in front of the gathered masses.

This was the first time I had used my spin table to something as large as this and also the first time I had ever spun a circular canvas so it broke new ground on a number of different levels.

Prismatic Warp painting by Swarez

Colour combinations

I personally think the choice of colours and the way I have either separated or fused them together is some of my best work. That’s quite the statement when you consider the variety of styles and colours I work with.

No single colour stands out as the show piece here – that’s a testament to how well each one, and the volumes carried on the canvas, works with all the others. Mind you, I do have a soft spot for the gold simply because of how it shimmers in light – something that may require a spotlight if you are going to be the person who decides to buy it.

A painting of real substance

Not only is this one of the most beautiful paintings I have created but it is also particularly weighty and deep. The canvas is around 60mm deep in fact and this gives it a commanding presence from all angles.

And to add to that I must make mention of the sides. I finished them with a stunning gradient of gold to blue that really shows the depth of the canvas off beautifully. This round abstract painting really is showing me at my very best I think and it has been one of the most enjoyable ones to create for many years.

So if you have a wall large enough (you’ll need at least 8 feet square to be able to give it enough room to breathe) then drop me a line below and let’s see what it looks like for real.

blue and white art
turquoise and pink paint on canvas
blue and white art close up
side of round canvas abstract art

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