Last Train Home

lime and pink art

‘Last Train Home’
is a lime green and pink original abstract painting

A vivid lime green is perfectly matched with the drama of that gorgeous bright pink. And just look at those shapes!
200cm x 90cm (79″ x 35″)


pink and green art
black and lime green paints
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A stunning colour combination

This is the second in a series of painting I have created with lime green, pink, black and gold. In a similar take on the theme (La Dolce Vita being the reference point for the first one in the set of three) this has lime green and pink as its main focus colours. paint splashes

Woven in to this are complex twists and turns, tiny rivers and valleys of paint and some astounding texture changes as light moves across it.

I have swoops and swooshes as well as cells and lines. So not only do you get all the initial ‘wow’ of this stunning expression of creative freedom but you also get to experience a whole new world as you move closer to the canvas surface.

Wonderfully mad but beautifully executed

Mad is good and you should embrace it. For me, a term like that is a positive – I associate it with freedom and a world without rules and expectations. When you get rid of the crap that normally bogs you down it’s always a constant surprise by what comes out.

This painting is born from exactly that premise – of letting go and doing what pleases you; free from constraints and pressure. It is a beautifully eccentric combination of colour and shape that absolutely works – and very well too! details of Last train Home by Swarez

And because I know what I’m doing, even when I throw caution to the wind, the result is still a carefully balanced and flawlessly executed piece of art and one that embraces all that I am as an artist.

So why the train reference then?

To be honest with you it wasn’t until it had dried and been stretched around the frame that the name came to me. Sometimes the names just appear and attach themselves like that so I don’t argue with the little voice that chooses them.

Where this painting is best suited

Tricky one. It will need space for sure. However, it’s not that tall so it can go behind a sofa or dining table very happily. It also won’t need much in the way of light as it really brings its own. But a spotlight for the night-time wouldn’t hurt.

Last Train Home by Swarez

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