Original painting

This original artwork was created using a piece of cellophane wrap to blot the paints once thy were poured onto the canvas. That may sound a little odd but the technique is surprisingly effective and produces a very interesting finish.

There are some truly mesmerizing twists and turns and myriad of small details to keep your attention. This achieved, in part, with the enamel paints I sue but also with the blotting method I have just described. The colours are rich and vibrant with a depth that draws you further into the surface of the canvas.

If you scroll through a few of the close up shots you’ll see exactly what I mean. You can also hang it in any orientation – giving you four different paintings in one. The depth of the metallic blue is something else to behold and this is perfectly complimented by the magenta pink and metallic gold accents. Added to this are touches of aqua green and soft lilac.

And don’t worry if you’re a little undecided about buying one of my originals as I have a selection of Limited Edition Prints available at a fraction of the price of this one.

100cm x 90cm, 45mm deep
Hand signed on the reverse
Ready to hang in any orientation
Enamel paints on canvas
Complete with Authentication paperwork
Worldwide shipping available (calculated at the checkout)

All originals are hand packed by me and come with their own individually cut and measured packaging. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery from the point of order.


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