Original painting

Io is of course named after one of the moons of Jupiter. The cosmos is a constant fascination for me and I use its infinite inspiration as a constant source of material for my work.

This circular painting was created with my enamel paints onto a pre-made round canvas. It features a wealth of tiny details and is an absolute joy to look at.

There are rivers and valleys as well as craters and cells. Then there’s the combination of a soothing base of purple to which I have added touches of pink and magenta.

This is finished off with a comforting spiral of black and a few hints of white. The painting is small enough to fit almost anywhere but carries an impact larger than its size. And don’t worry if you’re a little undecided – I have a selection of Limited Edition Prints available at a fraction of the price of this original.

91cm diameter, 30mm deep
Hand signed on the reverse
Ready to hang in any orientation (full 360°)
Enamel paints on canvas
Complete with Authentication paperwork
Worldwide shipping available (calculated at the checkout)

All originals are hand packed by me and come with their own individually cut and measured packaging. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery from the point of order.


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