Under A Glass Moon

purple and lime green-abstract-art-in-a-living-room

‘Under A Glass Moon’
is a rectangular purple and lime green abstract painting

200cm x 90cm (78″ x 35″)


gold and purple art on a wall
Under A Glass Moon by Swarez
shimmering gold paint on canvas

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Purple and lime green

Well now, what an epic combination of colours they are! I have done a few over the years that have proved to be real conversation points. The clients that purchased them still remain over the moon with them so it’s a testament to the colour choices as much as what you do with them.

I used purple and lime green in these abstract paintings: Better Than Life (2014), Quantum Loops (2016) and Signs of Life (2018) so it’s not as if I’m using these colours all the time.

For some reason they interact with each other really well and I can’t think of another colour I would pair lime green with to get such a dramatic feel.

The use of gold

I use a particular metallic gold which is absolutely unreal. I talk a lot about this and it’s for good reason. Ina  few of the photos I have tried to capture the luminosity of it as the light hits it but it’s very difficult to show just how amazing it is with a camera.

The painting may look great with the purple and the lime green but it’s the gold element that really shifts it from being nice to sensational.

gold purple and lime green abstract painting

So what is it then?

Good question! As with all abstract art it isn’t really supposed to be anything – although, and I am generalizing here, in its purest form, an abstraction of something still relates to its subject matter somehow. Pure abstraction is the joy of creating without any regard for anything except colours and forms.

In this painting I am actually somewhere between the two points. You may be able to pick out a horizon point and the way I have defined that with the use of black to help separate light from dark.

Gold is very much the light in the painting and I’ve tried to make it dance around the painting as much as possible.

What I was inspired by

I was heavily inspired by the Dream Theater song of the same name; so no matter how clever I think I may be there is a correlation between what I’ve paint and the music track it is influenced by.

The lyrics have shaped the flow of paint and directly influenced the shapes and colours. To get a better idea of what I’m talking about you could go listen to the track – it will probably give you a much better idea about why this looks like it does.

Oh and please do let me know if you think John Petrucci’s guitar solo is the best thing in the history of the universe!

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