Signs of Life

purple and green abstract art

A purple and green abstract art painting with gold and black accents

This is a real statement of intent and although charismatically simple in its execution its power and brilliance are brought together with that spectacular shape and those deep, rich colours.
170cm x 80cm (69″ x 31″)


gold paint on purple canvas
tall purple art in kitchen
green swoops of paint

Colours and shapes

The success of this new purple and green abstract art painting is the use of bold colours and the shapes they have been created with. There are no pastel shades, no white spaces and no complex stories to be told.

It’s pure, unapologetic and full of charisma. I like to think it has a backbone too. I have used purple and lime green a couple of times before (twice in ten years I think – Better Than Life and Quantum Loops) and on the rare occasions I do I keep things nice and simple. I prefer to make a big contrast between the two colours because I enjoy their differences enormously.

So what is it then?

Well, I painted it from the black rising up so you could add meaning by saying it’s a ‘something from nothing’ kind of thing. Words like growth, evolution and life spring to mind. But this will entirely depend on your point of view and whether you can connect with it or not.

It’s not meant to be anything in particular although there are influences from physics in most of my paintings. I have been watching programs on string theory and dark matter recently so I’m sure some of that comes out in the paint sessions.

Signs of Life painting by Swarez

How I created this painting

I wanted to fuse the main string swoops bit into the background layer as much as I could. It was a thought I had to make the green loops feel part of the background and not to stand away from it. This was done to make it feel more connected rather than make it stand away from it if that makes sense? green and purple modern art painting

Sometimes I do the opposite and separate foreground and background layers to add depth but here I chose a different route. It’s quite difficult to pull off as I have to get the paint consistency spot on with both layers so that they all keep liquid enough to fuse into one without the curing process reaching a critical point where I can’t achieve the effect.

To make matters worse I can’t have the paint too runny as the loops will literally disappear out to the edges. Preparation is key and I used a test canvas first before I committed to this for real.

What to do with this painting

Well, you can hang it vertically or horizontally and it works really well in both orientations. If you have white space and grey furnishings then this will light up like a Christmas tree!

Don’t be afraid of bold colours. You can infinitely tone them down with muted textures and shades. If that’s what you want to do I would bring in some metallic silver, more gold, a dash of lilac and a post box red into your accessory decor palette. Add in some check patterns and you’re done! It’s not difficult, you just need to start with the art and build around it.

This will suits a stairwell that needs a splash of colour, any kitchen space, a living room that has gold in it or a cosy bedroom.

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