A Change of Seasons

bright colourful orange painting

A bright and happy abstract featuring orange and pink and full of light and air

This is a beautiful combination of bright uplifting colours and gorgeous fluid shapes.
150cm x 120cm (59″ x 47″)


orange and pink painting
medium abstract painting in studio
details of enamel paints on canvas

Arranging colours

Unlike a lot of my paintings this particular one sees me arranging colours into more defined blocks and areas.

As the inspiration here is the passing of the seasons I wanted to bring a degree of separation into the coloured areas so that they became themed in their own right rather than be blended into one another.

The passing of the seasons rarely comes with a single defining change so the delicate blending of each area of colour is essential in carrying the narrative that lies behind it. Each careful movement is a small step from one thing to another. Transitions are respected and brought at a pace that cannot be rushed.

Cells and things

One of the highlights (and successes) of this painting is the creation of the cell structures  – particularly through the middle of the canvas.

Creating cells with enamel paint is quite a difficult thing to do but with the right chemicals and a lot of patience it can be done. The rising central ‘spine’ is where the majority of this celling occurs. It’s my way of interpreting early spring blooms and the cycle of growth and emergence.

A Change of Seasons original Swarez art

Paint effects

I’m thrilled with all the tiny little nuances and effects I have created. I know that my work is always full of tiny details that spring out at you when you least expect it but with A Change of Seasons I am particularly happy with the dizzying array of techniques that sit so well with each other.A Change of Seasons abstract art

I have already mentioned the cell structures but there are so many other beautiful effects that I simply can’t mention them all. Of note, however, is the series of burgundy coloured paint applications that bring the centre of the painting together. One of the detailed photos above will show you what I mean.

I have used an unusual blending technique to create fronds of paint that spill outwards in a fractal-like way. It’s been a challenge to fuse this effect into the paint that surrounds it but it’s worked out beautifully. Very pleased with this bit especially!

Bringing the light

We can talk about happiness all day long if we need to abut whether this painting brings that emotion or not is a matter for the self to decide.

What is undeniable though is the way the painting brings light. Those two colours of orange are so rich and bright that it’s going to add light to even the most darkest of spaces.

Add a spotlight or two and you’ll always be able to celebrate springtime whatever the season you’re in or whatever mood takes hold.

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