Top of the World

art called Top of The World

A cool and contemporary artwork with blue, silver and white colours

A serene and engaging leap into all things blue and silver.
225cm x 130cm (89″ x 51″)


big blue original art on a wall
Top of The World art by Swarez
grey and black paints

Cool and contemporary

Blue is such an expressive colour and I have used it to great effect in Top of the World. Not only are there numerous blue tones used but they are also crafted in to an assortment of shapes and applied with different techniques. Top of The World detailed view

Using a bright brilliant white and a sleek metallic silver adds to the calm, cool and contemporary nature of the painting and serves up wave after wave of refreshing interest and engagement.

Whether you think of mountains and glaciers or the majesty of the oceans this painting is packed full of repeating energy.

Powerful movements

The way a painting carries you is so important to the success or failure of it.

It’s important that your eyes can fully take in the whole thing from a distance yet marvel at its details up close. It needs to move and change from every viewing angle to really stand a chance of captivating you.

In this painting we can see piercing crests, wide open valleys and deep dark chasms of colour. Your eye will meander and caress the surface of the canvas searching for references and anchor points whilst your brain works out how you feel about it.

That’s the bit I really like – letting the subconscious loose on something you can’t really quantify.

large blue and silver art

Knowing when to stop

It’s always a difficult thing – knowing when to call it a day. I toyed for ages with the idea of adding a single, bright colour like red or orange but in the end I thought it would have spoiled what I was looking to achieve. silver paints on canvas

And that was to express the cool and clean feel of a series of carefully selected blues and (complimentary colours).

I have never been so bold with the use of blue before I don’ think? So I will be interested to see what you think of it. I see this being at home in a very minimal space bathed in an abundance of natural light.

I don’t think it needs clutter or fuss – it just needs to sit on a wall on its own, perhaps opposite some green of the outdoors.

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