Love, Die, Repeat

Love, Die, Repeat art by Swarez

‘Love, Die, Repeat’
is a mid-sized red and black abstract painting

190cm x 85cm (75″ x 33″)


Love, Die, Repeat abstract red and black art
red black art
swirls of red and black paint

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Why colours are so important

All colours promote reactions, sometimes extreme and sometimes not. How you view these two as a combination will be dependent on the life you’ve lead to this point.

Now if that sounds a bit heavy I apologise; what that statement does is outline the principle of taste and how that is shaped by our experiences and uniqueness.

So it should come as no surprise then that art is so subjective because of this principle. There really shouldn’t be, in my opinion, such a thing as good or bad art – just the things we get on with and the things we don’t.

Let’s talk about red and black

These colours from the main part of the painting. Not only do they fill the largest portion of the canvas but they also shape the name, feeling and responses to it.

Red can be a tricky colour to use and I do find it a bit, well, oppressive if used incorrectly or without care and consideration. in my own creativity I tend to pair it with other colours that help to tone it down a bit.

However, the whole point of Love, Die, Repeat was to create something of the heart. So for that I needed red – and plenty of it.

When you go for something powerful, deep and tempestuous you can’t fuck around with pastels. Either go for it an get your point across or don’t bother. Add black and the two main colours have their place with each other.

red and black abstract painting

Composing and structure

Let’s get straight in here – the painting is a graded background of white, grey, black and silver. It’s gorgeous on its own without anything over the top.

On to this background has gone a series of repeating loops created with a single colour red paint. Added to this is the same black and white that’s used in the base layers.

It’s the mesmerizing nature of the repeating red loops that’s the real star of the show for me. Sure, it’s hard to ignore them (and to photograph) but if you give yourself some time to soak them up and digest them they take on their own personalities and life. Each one different, each one unique.

I wonder if this reminds you of people dancing? My focus group think so. I’m good with that.

How do you live with this?

To be honest with you I really don’t think it’s a tricky as you may imagine. You don’t need a massive wall or a big pair of balls to own it. You don’t need to be aggressive or be trying to outdo your neighbours.

All you need is an acceptance of the way you feel about it. You like it then buy it. Don’t argue with that. It’s perfectly okay to own a larg-ish red and black abstract painting and have it fit in to your life seamlessly.

I like that it has a pulse, it’s a reminder that we should do all the crazy things in life. That we should experience as much as we can as often as we can and then, when the cosmic dust settles and we turn up in another dimension, we can do it all over again!

Love, Die, Repeat.

You’re welcome…

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