Neon Canyon

purple and pink art in a hallway

‘Neon Canyon’
is a striking small abstract full of rich color and incredible detail

90cm x 90cm (35″ x 35″)


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angled paint strokes
pink turquoise painting above a console table
paint striations

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A brand new way to paint

Neon Canyon is a small sized original painting created with a very unusual technique – a four compartment pouring cup! To make things easier to understand you can watch the video below as I show you exactly how the painting was done using this unusual tool. I used turquoise, pink, white, black, gold, water blue (aqua) and blue over TWO cups to get the colour sequences you see in the photos.

By pouring different coloured paints into each compartment I was able to split the paints down until they reached the spout – at which point they emerge to do their own thing. Sometimes they merge and sometimes they don’t – it’s very cool to see that process in action.

The technique doesn’t just stop there though – once the paint is on the canvas it then requires some careful tilting and maneuvering to get the paint to flow in the right direction. That’s kind of an easy process if you’re using acrylic paints and small canvases but no so when you’re using enamels and larger sized canvases.

Amazing details

This painting was only the second session of me using the pouring cups and I am delighted with how it turned out. I am fortunate to be a quick learner and didn’t take much time to find my style. The results of this process have given way to some extraordinary details and nuances.

A glance at the images on this page will show you exactly what I mean. There are so many tiny details that my camera simply can’t pick them all up. It is incredibly complex and the paints have formed dramatic flows and blends as they interact with each other. These kinds of effects simply can’t be achieved with ordinary acrylic paints.

What you end up with a a painting that delivers from all viewing angles and in all light conditions and, because it’s a square, you can hang it in four orientations of you want (8 if you include the diamond hang method!).

turquoise and pink abstract painting
paint poured on canvas
small art above a chair
details of Neon Canyon by Swarz Art

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