Sky Casino

Multi coloured abstract art on landing

A large multi-coloured abstract with a dizzying array of colours

The love of colour is a very subjective but hugely enjoyable thing.
Put them all together with an effortless organic application method and what you get is a riotous explosion of all things wonderful.
225cm x 130cm (89″ x 51″)


Rainbow coloured art
Sky Casino art
Close up of Sky Casino


It’s an interesting title for an equally interesting piece of multi coloured art.

It’s been a hard job photographing this beast of an artwork; never quite getting the light the way I wanted it and not really doing the colours and textures justice. Which is a shame because in real-life it’s simply exquisite.Multi-coloured art

From the way that the colours blend with each other to the intricate shapes and forms it creates, this one is a celebration of all things bright and beautiful. A carefully centered area of deep blue spins off into a myriad of tiny splats and drizzles, gently bouncing off the sides in a carefree taunt of the edges.

Despite the explosion of colour there’s that all-important edge of empty canvas punctuated around the outside; it’s good to have respect for boundaries . It’s a containment thing you see. I imagine that were this painting allowed to spill out over the edges it would somehow be a bit too much.

The blotting effect is very interesting too. In places there’s such an apparent lack of paint it feels like it’s become a memory of what used to be there. Of course that’s not the case as the paint very much IS there – only in a very, very thin layer – barely enough to cover the canvas weave.

Sky Casino

It acts as a contrast to the abundance of thicker paint applications that exist in between. This is one of the reasons why Sky Casino can hold your attention – it lies in its ability to break itself up into smaller component pieces whilst retaining the whole.

And its this ‘overall’ visual that would seem to score the highest. It’s almost impossible not to be drawn to thoughts of a bright spring morning or some kind of natural wonder. Maybe you’ll see some topographical feature from the air or a tropical storm.

Maybe you’ll see something no-one else can. If the painting can conjour images in your mind and change your emotional state then it’s done its job well. And in fact you don’t even have to like something for that kind of change to come about. Nor do you need any kind of experience with art to recognize that.

So if we look at the practicalities of living with something like this then I would say that it’s one of those paintings that doesn’t need a tremendous amount of light, it can happily sit in a neutral environment as much as a playful and family-orientated one and it most certainly will be extremely happy where life is centered around togetherness and joyful things.

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