Singularity art by Swarez

is a bold original artwork featuring purple, aqua and magenta colours

150cm x 130cm (59″ x 51″)


details of paint on canvas
purple and magenta art on a wall
details of Singularity art by Swarez

Colours and forms

Singularity is a contemporary original painting featuring a large ‘L’ shape surrounding a series of ever-decreasing squares – a little like looking through a window. This is all contained with a sequence of black boundary segments that keep a watchful eye around all of the edges.

Added to this, in terms of colour, is a dusky purple, a muted lime green, a gentle turquoise and hints of blue and yellow towards the centre. And, if you look closely you can also see subtle inclusions of silver, light blue, pink and orange.

And I’ll use that word subtle again here because, despite the instant hit you get from the bold shapes, this painting is actually quite restrained and considered as you spend more time with it.

A tale of two halves

I have a constant fascination for opposites. In particular I enjoy the way that they can be in perfect sync yet be completely at odds with each other. For contemporary art, this can have some interesting consequences – especially when the rules go out of the window.

In this painting we have a stark and definitive series of angles that define all the boundaries of the painting. That exists as three distinctive parts (the outer edges, the white L shape and the dark centre). Yet these are completely at odds as you move in closer to reveal that these shapes are, in fact, almost disintegrated.

If that sounds odd just take a look at the detailed photos. The notion of setting boundaries falls away as your viewing distance changes. It’s the most unusual feeling as you gently lose sense of the perimeters of the canvas and let your eyes wander wherever they take you. Then, you suddenly get snapped back into line again as step away. it’s like being present in two places at once. Order turns to chaos then returns to order again.

I bloody love it!!

big purple original art
details of Singularity art by Swarez
purple abstract art
details of paint on canvas