Rainbow Dragons

big colorful art for a dining room

‘Rainbow Dragons’
is a striking abstract with intricate details and stunning colours

150cm x 130cm (59″ x 51″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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orange and green paints
big colorful swirling paint shapes on canvas
swirls of orange and turquoise paints

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Something a little different

Rainbow Dragons is a large abstract painting that is a little bit of a departure for me. It has a series of swirls and blends that were created by moving a small solid ring of paint around the canvas in all directions, and with repeated multiple colors. Sounds odd but in fact it’s a very simple process but one that can end very badly unless you know what you’re doing.

One of the key elements to using my enamel paints is to be careful how long you let each individual color stay in contact with another. Life gets even more complicated when the paints are unevenly weighted (due to the pigments). Anyway, it’s tricky!

In this painting I feature an unusual selection of colours – this time preferring the purple and green side of things. The consequence of this is a very natural feeling abstract with plenty of connection to the natural world around us.

Color everywhere

The addition of orange paint makes for some welcomed warmth and it also helps lift the whole piece. It’s a similar story with the magenta too – just enough, but not too much.

There is literally detail in every single part of this painting and that includes the white base coat. It’s difficult to show in photos but the background is very much alive and packed full of textures and movements. The sheer breadth of detail is breath taking and something that demands as much close attention as you can give it.

The name is very fitting too as one of our regular viewers to our live streams named it after seeing the finished canvas so i went with that. Fits great doesn’t it?

Rainbow Dragons is a rich abstract with both vibrant and subtle colors. It has enough white space to feel open and free yet enough drama packed in to be alive and pretty mesmerizing as you get close in. The prefect addition to any space.

Rainbow Dragons painting by Swarez Art
Rainbow Dragons by Swarez
large multi colored abstract painting
close up of Rainbow Dragons by Swarez

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