Seaside on the Moon

blue spin painting by dining table

‘Seaside on the Moon’
is a stunning, small sized painting with rich textures and details

100cm x 100cm (39″ x 39″)


details of Seaside on the Moon by Swarez
blue and gold spin art on a wall
paint details

 Getting in a spin!

Seaside on the Moon is a square abstract painting filled with dramatic details and stunning colours. It was created with my infamous spin table and my beloved enamel paints. I used a combination of three types of blue paint along with accents of metallic gold, lime green, purple, light grey, orange and a splash of burgundy.

Now, depending on how you look at this you can either say it’s got a strong horizon point or a divisive upright momentum. The great thing about square paintings is that you can hang them any way you like – and that gives a different feeling to the painting each time you so. Some have preferred ways to be hung as they can feel more natural, but this is entirely down to the way you interpret it and what makes you feel the most comfortable.

Stunning color and detail

The gold metallic paint is a real revelation and I use a lot of it in my work. But the closer you get into the painting the more you see how it’s found its way into place you wouldn’t have expected. Gold isn’t the only star of the show though, the shades of blue are the backbone of the painting and have formed into some incredible shapes as a result.

Woven into this fabric of drama goes all the nuanced accents that make this a real stand-out piece of art. Spin painting can be very easy if you have a certain objective. Or it can be complex if you choose an alternative path. i always try to make each one have its own personality and use different application techniques and principles for each one.

blue and gold spin painting
gold metallic paint
blue console table with spin art
blue and grey paint on canvas

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