purple blue and aqua small painting

is a stunning small abstract created with just four colours

100cm x 100cm (39″ x 39″)


aqua turquoise and blue paint on canvas
purple and blue painting above a console table
blue and purple paint details

So much to like

Let’s get one thing established – I absolutely love this painting. It was created on one of my live stream broadcasts and I made use of my amazing spin table in its creation. There are just four colours used here – including the background layer. Here we get black, aquamarine, blue and purple.

These four colours were applied onto the flat surface of the canvas once it was sat on top of the spin table. After arranging the paints I spun the table only once and the painting was done.

Nothing ever comes easy

Now, it’s easy to dismiss the process as easy and idiot-proof but the reality of things tells a different story. To begin with you need to have the concept in your head. That takes thought and is proven in how great the finished painting is – the concept was to create a ghost-like apparition of paint in some dark colours with a kind of neon afterglow. I got very close to that and am delighted with the outcome.

However, I am aware that I make this look easy and I probably do. But think on the fifteen years of practice I have had with putting paint onto canvas. The only thing that separates the novice from the expert is time and practice. Nothing more.

The outcome

It’s sublime! For a dark painting this has so much light. I think that’s because of the large open spaces that surround the bioluminescent feel of the paint combinations. It’s airy and free in every part and because of it’s darkness it shows up on a light wall effortlessly.

The spectacular details are what I notice the most though. The fronds and strands that radiate are delicate and exquisitely formed. This really is a painting that keeps on giving.

Phantasma original Swarez art
details of blue paint on black canvas
purple and aqua green small art above a chair
close up of Phantasma by Swarez Art