big colorful vibrant painting in a hallway

is a breathtaking leap into colours and forms. Just wow!

150cm x 150cm (59″ x 59″)


fluorescent red paint on canvas
pink and turquoise abstract art
details of vibrant colours on a painting

How bright and vibrant can you get?

Magnitude is a large square abstract painting created with enamel paints and rotated on a giant motorized table (check out the video below). The colour palette is a bold and exciting one featuring magenta pink, turquoise, yellow, red, Piaggio Verde, orange, Swarez blue and a host of other delicious tones. It also has a very expensive paint called Rocket Red which is a fluorescent colour and is simply breathtaking to look at.

Okay, so this is a predominantly pink abstract painting but don’t let that put you off because it’s the role of the supporting colours that makes the painting work so well. There are stunning details in abundance meaning there will always be something new to look at. I use the word vibrant a lot but then that’s a very accurate way of describing it.

And being square that also means you can rotate it in at least four orientations (eight if you count the diamonds too) so you can always change the way the painting looks simply by rotating it (which takes 30 seconds).

Pass my sunglasses please

This painting will always be able to command attention. If you want a shrinking violet of an artwork or something a little less conspicuous, then it’s probably best to go find something else in my portfolio of art for sale. If, however, you want to be reminded that life is great, that you have a pulse and that you need to get on and bloody well enjoy yourself then put this on your shopping list and fuck everything else!

The textures are also something to get very excited about even though it is difficult to show them on the photographs. In particular that’s down to the Queen’s Gold and the Rocket red as they have a habit of emulsifying with the standard paints as they mix with them. They are both from different manufacturers so the small variances in composition can make for some truly amazing effects.

The name fits like a dream as it is a pretty magnificent thing. It’s as if there was a swell and uprising of awesomeness whilst I was painting that gave me a result far in excess of the components that went into it, if you catch my drift.

So yes, it’s pretty ‘wow’ if you ask me. And any space is going to be the richer for it.

bright pink abstract art
details of Magnitude art by swarez
square pink art in a dining room
cells of paint